Day by Day Devotions for Dad - Hardcover Book

Day by Day Devotions for Dad - Hardcover Book

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Save the sermons for Sunday and join bestselling author and proud papa Jay Payleitner on a quest to become a better dad, one day (and devotion) at a time. Day-By-Day Devotions for Dads will not include guilt, just a lot of good advice on how to teach, inspire, and encourage your children from someone who's been there.

Inside you'll learn...

  • Who you can point your kids to when the GPS direction of their lives needs recalculating
  • What a firm handshake and a head nod can teach your children about respecting others
  • When to cash in your genius points and when to store them up for future use
  • Where men gather to worship God is where your son should be
  • Why simply being there is the best thing you can do for your children
  • How turning in your superhero cape and becoming vulnerable will benefit your kids as they become teenagers

Far from preachy, this devotional will make you think clearer, smile bigger, and laugh harder about fatherhood than ever before. Better yet, it will draw you and your kids closer to God.