The Hostess Candle
The Hostess Candle

The Hostess Candle

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Rose and vanilla combine to create an irresitable and luxurious scent that inhabits a relaxing Saturday afternoon. Whether you are sitting on a patio overlooking the white sand and ocean waves or practicing some much-deserved self care, you'll find this scent intoxicating. Top notes of vanilla, coconut, and rose combine to create a sweet initial scent, while the combination of fruity mid and base notes provides a refreshing refuge from the daily grind.


Scent Description:

Top notes: Vanilla, coconut, rose

Middle notes: cotton candy, peach

Base notes: Apple, orange

Product Info:


• Unique matte white jar that shows candle flame through the glass
• Dimensions: 2.5" x 3.25"  
• Fill Weight: 7.5oz | 10oz jar
• Hand poured in California
• 100% natural coconut wax blend
• Unbleached cotton wicks
• 50+ hours of burn time